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At Rock Plumbing we offer a comprehensive range of sump pump services to ensure your sump pump is functioning optimally and providing you with a dry basement. Our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality service and exceeding your expectations.

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Mary Kearney

They are the most responsive & professional company I have dealt with. A real lifesaver! Thank you.

Keep your basement dry

Basements can be an exceptional space! A finished basement can virtually double your living space. But water can wreak havoc on you beautiful space if your sump pump isn't up to the challenge. We offer a full range of sump pump services that will keep your basement dry!

Primary Sump Pumps

Your primary sump pump is the workhorse that keeps your basement dry. It's a "must have" if a sump pump is necessary. We are sure to have a primary sump pump that will fit your needs! The down side of the primary sump pump is that when you lose power, you lose your pump. Or, when your pump fails, you are no longer protected, leaving you vulnerable to water damage or even flooding. But this can be avoided! Read on!

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Save the day with a battery backup pump! These systems provide protection in the event of a power failure or a simple primary pump error. Battery backups are a great investment for your home that will keep your basement dry while offering you peace of mind. We have several sizing options giving you control of your own destiny.

Sump Pump Technology

Are you afraid to leave the house during a storm, not knowing if you will come home to a flooded basement? Don't be afraid anymore! With remote monitoring your sump pump can alert you via text, email or an app the moment something goes wrong. Stay informed and keep your basement dry!

Sewage Pumps

The main difference between a sewage pump and a sump pump is application. Chances are, you do not know the difference, and that's ok! We do, and we would love to help figure out your system! It is a privilege to serve you.

Up Flush Toilets

Adding a bathroom has never been so easy! An up flush toilet is basically a toilet with a sewage pump attached. Thus eliminating the gravity restrictions typically faced. These systems are great for adding a bathroom in your basement or virtually anywhere you want it. Increase your home value with a new bathroom!

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