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At Rock Plumbing we offer a comprehensive range of water heater services to ensure your water stays hot. Our skilled team of professionals are dedicated to delivering top-quality service and exceeding your expectations.

Rock Plumbing rocks. We have a gas hot water tank that needed a chimney and a shower installed. The job was done quickly and efficiently.

Shawn Swartzentruber
Kathie Taylor

I must say this company and especially the 3 gentlemen that did my work were so amazing. Very professional but yet very empathetic. I highly recommend using Rock Plumbing. Trust me you will be so happy you did ❤️ 😁

Keeping your water hot

Hot water is an essential part of our everyday lives. Just try going without it! It's important to make sure your water heater can keep up with your family's lifestyle. We offer a full range of water heating services that keep your water hot!

Tankless Water Heaters

Never take another cold shower! Tankless water heaters provide endless hot water and are better than ever. That's right. ENDLESS. HOT. WATER. Converting from a tank to tankless has never been easier or more desirable. Tankless water heaters are the premium in water heating technology. There is no project too big or too small, we have an endless hot water solution for you!

Tank Water Heaters

Traditional tank type water heaters have been around for over a century and are still an extremely dependable source for water heating. From gas to electric, small to big, we have a tank that will fit your needs! If you are looking for a simple cost effective replacement, this is the way to go. Contact us today for a quote!

Hot Water Recirculation

Do you turn on your shower faucet and wait, and wait, and wait for hot water? Think about how much time and water you waste just simply waiting for hot water to get to you. It doesn't have to be like this! We offer hot water recirculation systems that provide you with instantaneous hot water! Wow.

Water Heater Maintenance

Proper maintenance will increase the lifespan of your water heater. Get the most out of your investment with our regular maintenance schedule. Contact us for more details!

Water Heater Repair

There aren't many feelings worse then realizing you have no hot water. Guess you could boil water like they did in the old days. Naa. When your water heater goes down, trust our skilled team of professionals to get you back up and running!

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Water Heaters

Find answers to common questions about our water heater services. From installation and repairs to upgrades, we've got you covered.

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We are a fully licensed plumbing company, ensuring that all work is performed by trained and qualified professionals.

Water Heater

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